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The Regional Education Directorate in the North Aegean- Greece proudly presents another  action implemented by the Pilot-Experimental General Lyceum of the Aegean University (Mytilene, Greece).

In order to make students active citizens, i.e. fully sensitized towards environmental, social, cultural etc. problems, while, at the same time,  encourage them to really contribute in the solution of local and global problems, the Pilot-Experimental General Lyceum of the Aegean University (Mytilene, Greece) decided to combine the EDUGLOCAL project with another interesting research action implemented within their school unit, together with the Eugenides Foundation (acting as a CSO and a major supportive factor)!

During this action, a group of students – under the guidance of their teachers Aivaliotis Dimitris and Tamvakeras Vlasis and, of course, the generous support of the Eugenides Foundation (grant of materials, guidance and encouragement)- manufactured a Hydrobot (water robot) in order to conduct water measurements on the potential negative impact of the cooling water of the power plant engines (i.e. the only factory providing Lesvos island with electricity) on the adjacent marine environment.

According to the corresponding literature, any increase in water temperature has an adverse effect on the quality of the ecosystem, as it may lead to oxygen reduction. With great satisfaction the working team found that –from the previous year- those responsible for the function of the local power plant had taken some measures so that the water “runoff” to the sea would be delayed in order to ensure a cooler temperature.

One aim of this project was -on completion of the study- to propose some specific interventions in the water outlet to reduce the adverse effect that may arise. In this way, beyond the purely scientific side of the action, we create really active and responsible citizens and future scientists!

The results of these measurements and all proposed interventions were analysed within the webquest “Bee-ware of the signs”.

We exress our congratulations to the Pilot-Experimental General Lyceum of the Aegean University, and, specifically, to the group of students who participated in this action, as well as the headmistress Georgia Skalochoritou and the 2 teachers for their excellent work and cooperation with all stakeholders. Warm congratulations and a special mention to the Eugenides Foundation for supporting this pioneer action wholeheartedly. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who contributed in the successful completion of this marvellous experiential action!

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