We will produce teaching resources for teachers and pupil which will be available online.

1) An iBook manifesto on Glocal Education for use on mobile learning devices for teachers.

  • key concepts of Global Education (peace, human rights, environment, sustainable development, inter-culturalism) with insights and references to the most updated bibliography;
  • key skills and competences related to employability and career paths for young people in the field
  • a collection of best practice examples
  • methodological guidelines for the planning of workshops with students, inside school;
  • operational guidelines for planning, tutoring, and evaluating volunteering experiences outside the scholastic environment
  • guidelines for cross-referencing to curriculum attainment targets and assessment in the respective partner countries

2) A series of online ‘Webquests’ with suggested procedures to develop inter-curricular modules with pupils. It will not be a traditional subject based textbook, but will include informative texts, images, videos, games, quizzes etc

  • a problem-based, cross-curricular model addressed directly to student groups, supported by teachers
  • a curriculum that reflects multiple intelligences and diverse ways of learning
  • a learning path essentially based on research of a specific scenario and problem solving. (in the field and through the Internet – a Webquest)
  • the analysis of the local and global contexts will be continuously entwined and overlapped
  • for each subject there will be a specific insight on referential European policies
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