• May 13, 2014
    08:00pm - 12:00am
  • Λέσβος


Lesvos-Greece, 14-16 May 2014

Our EDUGLOCAL Partnership is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2nd Transnational meeting-workshop within the European Programme (co-financed action) Comenius EDUGLOCAL, which took place on the island of Lesvos from 14th to 16th May 2014.

The meeting was organised by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in the North Aegean (Greek partner) as a form of “simulation” and “assimilation” of the EDUGLOCAL spirit. In this manner, every work day was hosted in places of great emotional, educational and social value for the area and the local people, so that the representatives of all partner organizations would have the opportunity to gain experiential connection with the island, some of its rare treasures, the local culture and the working group itself.

During this meeting, the Coordinator and the partners had the chance to review the actions of the first semester, take decisions related to the Manifesto form and the following course of actions towards the development of alliances and partnerships which will enrich the process of material production and upgrade the standards of the implementation phase. Also, the working group moved a step ahead in producing teaching materials within the methodology of webquests, which will be the main theoretical teaching technique during the practical part. Finally, ideas regarding the teacher training path and the improvement of dissemination processes we introduced.

As this program is primarily aimed at cultivating civic skills and a sense of social responsibility among students through voluntary actions of local interest, with a global impact, we believe that a huge “bulk” of learning takes place within the environment with which we interact. That is the main reason why the EDUGLOCAL program places so much emphasis on formal and informal learning within and outside the classroom.

Within this context, we would like to express our warm thanks to the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Agia Paraskevi in Lesvos (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation) and the Environmental Education Centre of Asomatos (Lesvos) for kindly hosting our EDUGLOCAL meetings in their facilities, as well as expressing their wholehearted support to our project goals. Finally, we wish to thank the Environmental Education Centre of Omiroupolis (Chios) for their contribution and their invaluable alliance, as well as the Primary and Secondary School of Agia Paraskevi.

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