• November 20, 2014
    09:00am - 06:00pm
  • București

On November 20th and 21st  it was Bucharest’s turn to host the experimental course for teachers. The seminar lasted for two days and aimed at understanding the objectives of Eduglocal experimental activities as well as planning schools’ involvement as active partners of Eduglocal.

The course was attended by 23 teachers and school counsellors from seventeen institutions; more than 30 will be further involved in EduGlocal project. The participants expressed their expectations towards the seminar and most of these were about learning innovative educational methods through practical applications in order to use them with the students.

During the first day, the focus was on the educational approach of the project, on the methodology and the administrative aspects. On the second day, the participants could get to know more in depth the structure of a webquest and they created some on their own. Among the topics proposed by them during the group activities were smoking, unhealthy food, children left behind and cyberbullying.

Starting January, over 500 students will test five of the webquests created by the team of Eduglocal.



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