• November 17, 2014
    12:00am - 12:00am

The first experimental course for teachers was held in the North Aegean region, on 17th and 21st November 2014, for Lesvos and Chios, respectively.

online training

More than 30 Secondary school educators joined the 2 events organized by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in the North Aegean (Greece), during which they were introduced to the didactic approach followed by the Eduglocal project and received oral and written instructions on how to discover our webquest platform on Food, Health, Citizenship, Climate Change, and Migration. It was agreed that during the EDUGLOCAL action (within the following weeks) more practice on webquests will take place through a mini-seminar or mini-workshop.

The 2 starting events were hosted by:
1) The Experimental Lyceum of Mytilene, 17th November 2014 – The presentation-training took place inside the school library as our 16 volunteers from Lesvos come from this school.
2) The 1st Lyceum of Chios, 21st November 2014 – In this case, the presentation-training took place inside the school lab as distance learning (skype) was used. We had 19 participants from the 1st Lyceum of Chios, the Junior High school of Kampos, the Junior High school of Kalamoti and the Lyceum of Kalamoti as volunteers.

In both cases, the teachers’ contribution was exemplary as they really provided all the support and attention they could in order to make this action feasible and interesting both for the Coordinators and for themselves.

We would like to express our thanks to these 5 schools (headmasters/headmistresses, teachers, students and parents) for supporting both the EDUGLOCAL project and the dissemination events (past and future). Special thanks to the people who are helping us eliminate all the technical barriers and, of course, our deepest gratitude to the educators whose contributions will give us all the necessary feedback in order to improve our project!


21-11-14 Chios

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