• February 25, 2014
    09:00am - 06:00pm
  • Ávila‎

On 25th and 26th February, two Presentation events were organized in Avila capital and Arenas de San Pedro in southern part respectively, jointly with the General Educative Directorate and CFIE (Training Center for Teachers),  in order to launch the European project EDUGLOCAL, that was presented to the educative sector in Avila province, attended by 43 people,  directors representing 33 different primary and secondary educative centers as well as representation from the educative policy makers.. The educative community received very well the proposal for joining this project, which main activities for them are scheduled in the following educative season.

The attendants were introduced to the project EDUGLOCAL and its 5 topics, furthermore a special attention was given to the Climate Change and the solutions in terms of Rational Use of Energy, since this will be the focus in which teachers will be working on.

Next step will be the scheduled activity for mapping the activities carried out by the educative centers with CSO’s they are working with in terms of informal education. in the field of sustainability.

Avila County Council – Energy Agency.  28/February/2014

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