ProgettoMondo is a leading italian non-profit Foundation for international cooperation. We embody an idea of the world where young people are a driving force capable to pave a way out from poverty towards the construction of a fairer, prosperous and sustainable global society. In Europe, educating youths to global citizenship  is one of our key commitments.


Attilio Orecchio
General Coordinator
Elena Frascaroli
E-learning expert
Roberta Morosillo
Project Officer

La Diputacion Provincial de Avila a través del Area de Asuntos Europeos y Agencia Provincial de la Energia participa en diversos proyectos Europeos que tienen por objetivo fomentar un uso racional de la energia para mitigar los efectos del Cambio Climático y preservar los recursos naturales y culturales para futuras generaciones .



Luisa Martin
European Projects Manager
Roberto Rodriguez
European Projects Senior Officer
Alberto Lopez
European Projects Senior Officer

The Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in the North Aegean is responsible for the administration and monitoring of almost 6,000 civil servants of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports (i.e. teachers, administrative staff, collaborating specialists, etc.) and the education of 27.000 students. Its jurisdiction falls on three Prefectures, i.e. Lesvos (islands of Lesvos, Limnos, Agios Efstratios), Chios (islands of Chios, Psara, Inousses) and Samos (islands of Samos, Ikaria, Fourni).

The main task of this Authority is to implement the official educational policy and link local agents to central services and organizations. It is responsible for the administration and supervision of the decentralized services in its area, as well as for coordinating local School Advisors. The Head (administrator) of the Regional Directorate of Education is appointed by and reports to the Minister.


Varvara Chatzoglou
Responsible for the Promotion of European Projects

Elderberry AB undertakes educational development and strategic studies, authoring, editing and publishing, within school, youth, adult, teacher, heritage and vocational education.  Our work often involves socio-cultural and urban implications. The company is experienced with developing traditional methods for educational material as with mobile learning, eLearning and eCulture. We have organised EU sponsored teacher training courses for over 12 years, training 1000s of european teachers in one week courses, held in Stockholm, Istanbul, Florence, Lesbos and Dublin . Over the last three years we have developed mobile learning courses using tablets based upon the iEducate material. We also curate and produce small educational exhibitions as part of our portfolio such as Mandela27

David Powell
Managing Director
Pete Stevens
E-learning Expert

Andreea Hagiu
Project Manager
Adina Clapa
Project Manager

The Consorzio degli Istituti Professionali  was born in 1995. It involves over 60 Vocational and Technical Secondary schools located in Emilia Romagna and other Italian regions. It aims to create a school network which designs projects to innovate, improve and promote the activities of  Vocational and Technical secondary schools. It also contributes to improve and develop cooperation between Vocational and Technical Secondary schools as well as all of the other Institutions involved in vocational training in accordance to the Rules of the Educational Institutions’ Autonomy.

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